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Thinking about working with the linkable administrative databases at the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy to do your graduate work?  This website has a lot of information that could help you make this decision.  
For an overview of what administrative data is and how it is used for health and social research, see this video.
Look at the kind of work our current and past students have done (either in the 'Students' tab or the 'Examples of Theses') to see the range of projects that are possible.
Faculty research interests are also good places to look; feel free to contact them to see if your interests align with their work.  Or contact us with your research interests, and we will connect you with the research scientists that would be a good fit for you.
If you are not sure if using linkable administrative data is right for you or the research you want to do, feel free to attend the next student research forum  or contact us with your questions.

Also check out the Guidelines and Procedures for student use of the Population Health Research Data Repository maintained by the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy.

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